11 Days Of Pizza – A Dream Unfulfilled

2009 July 22
One of three pizzas with Jeff

I'll spit this pizza on your face if you don't take the picture right now.

My friend Jeff Horwitz came to Austin recently.  His work as a journalist brought him here to report on “Texas’ fine government institutions”, and my couch served as his humble home for a week and a half.

Like many of my friends, Jeff was eager to try out my free pizza deal at Homeslice.  But in true Jeff style, he wanted to push the envelope a bit.  Once he determined that Homeslice threw together a delicious pizza (not his favorite pizza in the world, but “damn good pizza” nonetheless), he wanted to go every day of his visit.  Luckily, that idea fell by the wayside, thanks in no small part to the cornucopia of delicious Mexican food and BBQ in Austin.  And Homeslice being closed on Tuesdays.

Jeff was very good about ordering beer and salads to meet my “pizza on me, beer on you” pizza rules, and was a great house guest in general.  Always picking up tabs, taking out the trash, making himself more scarce than necessary, etc.  I think he felt a little self-conscious about it, but his only real faux-pas was to not let me win at BYOB mini-golf.  But later he realized the error of his ways and “let” me win every game of shuffleboard, the last game being quite the nail-biter (21-1).

We only had two full pizzas and some late-night slices together, which seems paltry compared to the damage I thought we’d do together.  Jeff usually has a wonderful habit of bringing out the ridiculous in me.  But between the bats, bbq, swimming holes and interesting “government institutions” to report on, I think he’ll be back to try again.

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