Domino’s Pizza Lamely Imitates Homeslice, Offers Free Year Of Pizza To Contest Winner

2009 July 11
No boogers in these reigional pizzas!

No boogers in these reigional pizzas! We hope.

If you go to Yahoo! today, July 11, you’ll be bombarded with ads for Domino’s Pizza’s “What’s America’s Favorite Pizza” contest.  Vote, and you’re can enter a contest where one winner drawn from the pool of applicants wins a free year of pizza.  Sound familiar?

When you click the ad, it takes over the whole page, and you get to watch a video where actors trying to represent various regions around the country defend “their” pizza and trash smack about the others.  How delightfully parochial and rivalry-inducing!

It’s painfully obvious that none of the actors actually come from their regions. Enter copious amounts of stereotyping.

The Pacific Veggie Pizza (not to be confused with the “urban” Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza) actors are surfer types who say “dude” a lot, the Philly ones say “Yo” and have hoop earrings, etc.  Oddly, there’s no typecasts actors for the Buffalo Chicken or the Honolulu Hawaiian.  Looks like they couldn’t think up anything that would stereotype Buffalo, NY and/or didn’t want to insult Hawaiians.

UPDATE: See helpful comment from Jon.  It turns out that the four guys are actually franchise owners from those regions.  Wow, never woulda thought.

The whole thing is ridiculous.  The Memphis offering is the Memphis BBQ Chicken.  Had anyone in Domino’s marketing department ever traveled to Memphis, they would have realized that “BBQ” and “Chicken” do not go in the same sentence together in Memphis.  It’s a pork ribs, no sauce kinda place.  As a non-pork eating Jew who visited Memphis looking for some BBQ, I know.

When I read the extensive terms and conditions, I came across Domino’s(‘s?) definition of a free year’s worth of pizza:

Free Domino’s Pizza for a Year awarded in the form of fifty-two (52) $20 Domino’s gift cards; terms and conditions of gift cards apply. Approximate Retail Value: $1,040.

So basically, it’s one or two pizzas per week.  That’s certainly nice (where are you Pizza Hut, The Hut, The Zone whatever you call yourselves these days?), but it’s no Homeslice, whose definition is merely “one large dine-in pizza with unlimited standard or premium toppings, every time you walk in the door for a year.  Slices too”.

It’s too bad I couldn’t vote for the infamous booger pizza from Domino’s, that’s my favorite.

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  1. 2009 July 13

    Hey Seth. I write over at So Good and also do some consulting for Domino’s. In regards to your comment about stereotyping, I thought you should be aware that the 4 guys featured in those ads aren’t actors, they are actual Domino’s franchise owners from those regions.

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