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2009 July 6

I’ve been in Dallas for the last week and a half visiting family, so I haven’t been able to eat / blog about Homeslice for an eternity a week and a half.  To reminisce, I’ve been watching pizza videos on Youtube.  Here are my faves:

  • Crazy Japanese Pizza Commercial

I love the toppings’ choreographed dance, and their awkward, embarrassed pause halfway after the pizza slice tearfully thanks them.  Only in Japan.

  • Pizza Vending Machine

I’m amazed at how much technology went into this ridiculous abomination.  Look at the tomato sauce dispenser.  Couldn’t those engineers find anything more useful to do with their skills?  The developer, Claudio Torghele, is Italian.  Do they not have pizza-by-the-slice places in Italy?  The NY Times says the vending machines cost $32,000, and serve $4.50 pizzas.  That’s a lot of money to recoup (not to mention electricity charges) for a vendor-owner.  As sacrilegious as this monstrosity is, I’d probably try a pizza from a pizza vending machine once.

  • Pizza delivery guy drops pizza on ground, still delivers it:

Damn those pesky cameras!  Luckily for the pizza delivery guy, he got his tip before the footage was seen by the customer.

  • Green box, an environmentally friendly pizza box.

When I first saw this video, I just thought it was a joke.  I thought they were mocking the VC crowd with a clever pitch of a normal pizza box.  But when I watched it again and read the little info box on the side of the Youtube page, I realized that it’s an actual company called e.c.o.incorporated that has an actual product.  Their “Green Box” has perforations to make the demonstrated folds and tears easier.  It seems like a great idea, I hope it takes off.  Erin and I have been unintentionally amassing pizza boxes in our kitchen, and this would help us ease the storage burden.

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