Bartering Free Pizza For Blog Help

2009 June 13
Daniel is the Man-iel

Daniel is the Man-iel

I put an ad on Craigslist offering to trade some Homeslice for some technical help with this here blog.  Daniel answered the call and helped me fix lots of little bugs and add some shiny new features, from getting my email feed subscription working to making photos do this cool pop up thingy.

No stranger to pizza himself, he used to date a girl that worked at Conan’s Pizzeria across town.  As a result he is no stranger to delicious free pizza.  Daniel likes Homeslice (why else would he answer the ad?), but never had the luxury of picking any and all toppings gratis.  Upon sampling a Homeslice pizza with his pick of toppings (I don’t eat sausage, so we got anchovies on my half and sausage on his), he declared it a similar in quality to Conan’s but different in style.  Conan has a different set of ingredients (pineapple, jalapenos, etc) and a deep dish, so he felt uncomfortable judging the two head to head.

But the free Homeslice was mighty fine with him.  We had a delightful conversation that roamed from Mormons to India to pizza to journalism to photo editing.  He’s a nice guy, I hope we keep in touch.

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