A Little Too… Glorious

2009 June 6
A Glorious Bill

A Glorious Bill

Lance, the waiter I’ve had the last two times I’ve been to Homeslice, looked a little askance at the toppings Erin and I ordered tonight.  Artichoke hearts, basil, fried eggplant, garlic, green olives, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, anchovies on my half and fresh mozzarella on Erin’s half.  He sorta scratched his head and said that it’d probably be a little too much.  Was I sure I wanted that messy of a pizza?

Having been down this road many a time before (I get free toppings as a part of my deal, and I usually rock out), I asked if I should take off the artichoke hearts or the roasted reds, since those were the soupiest toppings and most likely to weigh down the pizza.  He looked over the list again and realized that garlic is inconsequential in size and wetness, basil is light and thrown on at the end, the eggplant is pre-fried and the mushrooms are fresh and un-marinated.  After consulting the list and realizing that despite the quantity, the paucity of slimy toppings meant that the pizza would hold together just fine.

His tune changed from “the pizza might be a little too soupy” to “it might be…well ok, I see…yeah…well, I guess it might be a little too…glorious?”

Lance was right, it was a little too glorious.  We had a pre-dinner margarita at Guero’s beer garden across the street and a pitcher of Live Oak Heffeweizen with the pizza.  The drinks, coupled with the gloriousness, made us change our post-dinner plans from dancing or renting a movie to napping.  We didn’t even get to celebrate the fact that it was our most expensive pizza yet.

Glory has its consequences.

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  1. 2009 June 8

    Nice ridding with you.

  2. 2009 July 15
    allison permalink

    glorious is right!!!

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