Transitive Property of Pizza

2009 May 31
Transitive Property of Pizza

They provided for me for most of my life, I provided free pizza. We're even.

When I got bored during the hands on an eggplant sub contest (which is how I won the free pizza, see the “The Story”), I called people to tell them about my predicament and pass the time.  Mom and Gene were much less surprised than everyone else; their tone implied it was just another chapter of a predictably crazy life.  They seemed to know I was going to win.

After hearing about Homeslice for months, they were psyched to finally try it.  Mom is involved in a women’s business owners group and finagled a way to come down to Austin for the weekend to do some work for them.  The first night we went to Homeslice, and after being seated by some very nice hostesses, ordered up a fatty pizza.

Mom and Gene loved it.  Marco’s Pizza is the best in Dallas, and they thought Homeslice was far superior.  The styles are pretty different, Marco’s has a very thin crust and lays the sauce on much thicker.  Beating Marco’s is a big deal.

Mom always tells a story about her Grandma Ida’s trip to Rome.  Upon landing in Italy, she tried some pizza, and promptly announced that it was nowhere near as good as Marco’s in Dallas.

Thus, I present the transitive property of pizza: If Marco’s is better than Italian pizza, and Homeslice is better than Marco’s, Homeslice is better than Italian pizza.

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