If You Eat A Pizza And No One Photographs It, Did It Taste Good?

2009 May 31
Seth and Pizza

Seth and Pizza

Greg and Marlo came back into town because Greg’s bill was heard in the Ways and Means Committee on Monday, so he came down to testify.  He had a problem with his appraisal board screwing him over, contacted his state rep., and soon Mr. Sutton was going to Austin.

Before his big day he and Marlo came in for some Austin fun.  After meeting up with them after a chili cookoff at The Scoot (judged by Kinky Friedman) we drank some of our homebrew, wandered around downtown, saw the bats and made the perfunctory pilgrimage to Homeslice.

I brought my camera but I forgot that I had taken out my memory card.  Luckily, Greg has one of those high-falutin’ phones with a camera on it, thus the photo.

Shawna, the most awesome waitress in the world, told us about a bachelor party that she planned which sounded pretty fun.  Greg and Marlo seemed a little surprised that a girl would be a groomsman and plan a bachelor party, but if I can officiate a wedding, Shawna can manage some groom’s party.

We got a table instead of a booth, and it was a little cramped with the beer glasses, pitcher, plates, pizza, etc.  I was drooling over an empty booth next to us, but I remember from my table-waiting days ten years ago at the Black-Eyed Pea that table switchers make waitstaff do double work and throw off table assignments, so I demurred.

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