First Thursday, and Greg and Marlo’s first Homeslice

2009 May 23

Greg and Marlo

My friends Greg and Marlo came through Austin on their way to San Antonio for a weekend vacation.  I forgot that the day they came was First Thursday, when South Congress stores stay open late, artist booths proliferate and street musicians ply their trade.  Everyone else thinks it’s charming and neat to walk around in the evening in one of the supposedly weirder parts of Austin, but for me it’s more of a hassle.

We put our name on the list and walked around for a while looking at all the stuff to see.  There was a lady selling homemade gingerbread cookies at the unbeatable price of 4 for $1.  We each got one, with Greg, Marlo and I all choosing the Texas shape.  I forget what Erin chose.

The pizza was pretty damn good, and we had a great table for viewing the pizza tossing.  I don’t know if I forgot to order anchovies or they forgot to put them on, but the waitress bought a little ramekin full of them.  I learned a good lesson: raw anchovies aren’t as good as cooked anchovies.  The heat from the pizza oven takes the edge off the saltiness, and decreases the sliminess factor.  They hadn’t tried anchovies, and didn’t appear too likely to do so again after trying them cold.  Nevertheless, Greg and Marlo were pretty impressed by Homeslice.  It’s a pretty un-Dallas kinda place.

Later we came home and brewed a batch of homebrew beer.  It ended up taking a lot longer than I thought, but that just meant we got to drink more beer along the way.

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